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Southern Strata Services provide all of the following services as requested and more! Rest assured the day-to-day operations of your asset will run smoothly and efficiently under our management. Why? Because we understand that all complexes are unique with each having its own culture. Our experienced team leverage their individual skills, and collective knowledge to provide solutions that works for everyone within the regulatory framework. Contact us today for help and advice regarding your Strata Management requirements.


Strata financial services that include:

Reporting: Income & Expenditure, reports, Balance Sheet, Levy Arrears and preparation of draft budgets.

Accounts: Setup strata bank and investment accounts, Utility billing sub-metering billing, levy management, payments, statutory reconciled accounts, statutory financial reporting, debt recovery arrangement and issue notices.

Levy Payment Methods: Online credit card or direct debit transactions, telephone credit card or direct debit, BPAY®, cash, cheque, EFTPOS at Australia Post branches and cheque by mail.

Tax Compliance: BAS returns, Annual Taxation returns, compliance for ABN registration.


Strata administration and management that include:

 Secretarial: Meeting minutes and attendance, record keeping, filing, common seal retention.

Meetings: Prepare and coordinate AGM, Council, Extraordinary and General Meetings and disseminate notices with minutes.

Legal & By-laws: Policy implementation, serve notice in regards to compliance and breaches, consult Council about By-laws, liase with legal entities and execute instruction in accordance with resolutions of the Strata Company.


Strata maintenance and general management that include

24/7 Emergency: After hours emergency telephone service.

Quotes: Obtain and arrange for non routine or common property routine maintenance, repairs, renewal and replacement.

Building: Arrange for inspections and reports.

Access: Arrange access to building services and contractors.

Archiving: Arrange and supply archiving storage.


Strata insurance administration and compliance that include:

Prepare & Lodge: Insurance claims, insurance quoting, valuations and renewal, administer claims,

Advise: Submit quotes to Council and renew policies or seek instruction to renew as directed.

Administer: Claims and related activities involved in the minimisation of a loss incurred.

Our standard scope of works includes routine maintenance and repairs which are broken down further in the management contract – refer page 12; however we are happy to assist with larger projects and some of the projects we’ve assisted with include; Painting, Installation of Security Systems (Intercoms, CCTV, replacement security gates and doors); Fencing Upgrades; Replacement of Roof and or Roof Renovations; Replacement of gutters and downpipes; Landscaping – just to name a few! If you want your Strata Manager to assist, we are happy to, but this comes under Special Services, as does attendance for any court related issues. Special Services are noted in Schedule B in our contract.


An overview of our Management Contract

  • Collection of Strata Company levies and other outstanding receipts.
  • Disbursements as necessary or as directed by the Council of Owners.
  • Keeping accurate financial records and accounting to the Council of Owners by periodical statements. Southern Strata Services has a state of the art software package that can provide both cash reports and / or accrual reports to best suit the client.
  • Management of a separate bank account; we do not pool together multiple clients funds.
  • Provision of Lot Owners individual portal access for keeping track of their levy payments and receipts and supply of general documentation such as Insurance / Minutes / Bylaws.
  • Dealing with general correspondence
  • Arranging routine maintenance
  • Enforcing / addressing bylaws; notification of non – compliance of bylaws to residents, agents, owners.
  • Irregular site visits
  • Dealing with declarations or certificates in respect to the sale and transfer of strata properties.
  • Collating records for tax returns (if required) – to be presented to tax agents [tax agent at Strata Company’s cost].
  • The keeping of records, keys, remotes and the Common Seal
  • Arrangements of meetings including preparation of notices, agendas and proxy forms.
  • Generating Annual Budgets.
  • Keeping of minutes.
  • Arrangement of insurance and attendance to claims unless broker involved.
  • Calculating and invoicing Gas & Electricity Submeters charged on the separate invoices, therefore each owner, or tenant is actually paying this charge rather than the Strata Company.

This office holds a Professional Indemnity insurance policy – which is required when undertaking a management portfolio.  With regards to paying strata levies, this office has the following payment methods; Bpay, Australia Post, Cheque, Direct Transfer & Credit Card payments via telephone.

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